Dehumidifiers: The Masters of Subterfuge

September 6th, 2017

Dehumidifiers are an excellent resource to combat the dampness of basements, particularly in the humid, summer temperatures.

Dehumidifiers work well for diligent home owners who are willing to empty the dehumidifier multiple times a day to control the build-up of dampness in a basement. They work best under the best of conditions as well.

If your basement is essentially crack-free, mold-free, and well ventilated then a dehumidifier can be a homeowners best friend in the humidity of the summer in our Ontario homes.

However, dehumidifiers simply mask the problems that linger in our basements where problems already exist; dehumidifiers really are the masters of subterfuge. No matter how many hours a day you run and empty a dehumidifier, it does not have the power to fight existing mold and moisture damaged basements.

There isn’t a proud home owner that appreciates the smell of mold and the feeling of dampness in the air when they sit down after a long days work. The sofa and carpet feel damp to sit and walk on and your skin feels clammy to the touch. It’s manageable when it’s just the family that has to endure the smell and feel, but it’s down right embarrassing when a guest questions the pungent odor or the discomfort against his/her skin.

At this point, it is time to unplug the dehumidifier and dial for help. Clearly, there is a greater issue that has been masked long enough. The solutions are often quite simple and fixable. Our homes are perhaps the biggest financial investments we make in our lives and we have to protect that investment. Ontario Wet Basement Solutions Inc. understands the pride of home ownership and invests their time and knowledge and experience to ensure that your house remains free of damage caused by cracks, dampness and moldy basements.

So remember, don’t hide the problem; fix the problem! Call toll-free Ontario Wet Basement Solutions Inc.


Home Improvement Cost

October 3rd, 2016

How Do I Afford This?

Whenever a home improvement project arises, the first question is: How much will it cost to waterproof? The second is: Do I have the time?

Waterproofing your basement can be an expensive endeavor. The cost will vary based upon your choice of solutions and the size of the space needing to be worked on. Like most other things in life, you get what you pay for. Attempting to waterproof your home yourself can cause damage, void warranties and ultimately result in a higher cost to fix everything properly later.

By cutting corners, your contractor may save money and pass that “savings” onto you. Next thing you know, you have water in your basement again and that “warranty” you were promised means nothing because the company you hired is no longer in business.

We see it all the time. Make sure that you assess your financial options. Most companies offer financing, and your bank may as well. Waterproofing your basement is not only essential to your home’s well-being but your personal and financial health as well.

Between mold and mildew causing health issues or destroying valuable keepsakes and the domino effect water can have on the structure of your home- you can lose up to 22% of your property value by ignoring the problem! Do your waterproofing before listing your property or finishing the basement and save unwanted stress in your life.

The investment also pays you back! Basement waterproofing makes a home more appealing to the housing market. Take ownership in your financial future by asking questions and taking care of your property. Your home is important! Treat it that way.

Call Ontario Wet Basement Solutions Inc. for a Free Estimate and we will be happy to assist in mold, waterproofing your investment today. Thank you


Looking for reliable Crawl Space Repair in Ontario

August 16th, 2016

When the original membrane in your basement starts to deteriorate, installing a new crawl space repair in Ontario is something that should be left to the experts. Crawl Space repair is an effective, affordable way to prevent structural damage to your home, caused by excessive moisture in your crawl spaces or basement. Installing a crawl space Encapsulation System can help protect your investment, keep your basement dry and your family safe. Schedule a free basement inspection with Ontario Wet basement Solutions Inc. and find out how a crawl space Encapsulation differs from traditional protective concrete coating.


Basement Renovations: Things to Consider

May 11th, 2016

Basement Renovations: Things to Consider before you do.
Basements are great spaces for man cave, home theatres, wet bars, game room and even an extra bedroom. Crawlspaces can be a source of dry storage space that is usually overlooked in homes and cottages.
The basement can represent up to half of your home’s living space. You are paying for it every month on your mortgage, so why not turn it into usable space? Before you do here’s a few things to consider.
Is it safe?
Take a look at the walls of your basement. When you see cracks in the foundation, that isn’t a good sign. Leaving it alone because “it’s always been there” doesn’t make it go away. If you ignore the issue and spend the money to put down carpet and put up walls, you’ll be paying to replace them later if moisture begins to pass through those cracks.
Is it dry?
Do you have a musty smelling basement? That might seem normal for a basement but actually means that there is moisture somewhere that is getting into your basement. This could be in the basement walls depending on your type of foundation. Ignoring this smell doesn’t make it go away. By waterproofing your basement, you can remove the odor and keep your downstairs living space enjoyable and healthy.
Is there mould?
Mould needs moisture to grow. Where there is mould, there is water. Eliminating the moisture might help control the mould. Remediating mould without removing the moisture maybe a waste of time and money. Make sure you solve the problem and not just the symptom.
Ontario Wet Basement Solutions Inc. can help answer some of these questions. We offer free home inspections and are the experts in basement waterproofing. Email or call our toll free number to set up an appointment.


Waterproofing Display at Home Show

April 23rd, 2016

john (Small)On April 15th &16th we at Ontario Wet Basement Solutions Inc. had the Opportunity to be part of the Midland District Shrine Club 16th Annual Spring Home and Recreation Show.

It gave us the opportunity to show and explain our method of Interior Waterproofing. We got to meet and learn about the people and businesses of our community.

The opportunity of leads from the show was greater than ever expected. We also closed many of the leads because we were able to talk to people in a good environment and not at a disaster in their home the first time we meet them.

Ontario Wet Basement Solutions Inc. would like to thank Don Powell and the District Shrine Club for inviting us to be part of the show. We would like to thank the ladies for a fine lunch.

Looking forward to being part of next year’s show.

Thank you from the staff .



Crack Repairs

April 3rd, 2016

Crack repairs from the inside are a preferred repair. We use a low pressure epoxy injection system.  This adds strength as well as sealing the crack for a permanent repair. Email or call for a free estimate


Landscaping Tips for Avoiding Leaky Basements

March 14th, 2016


Leaky basements are the worst nightmare of many homeowners. Too much moisture can damage furnishings, electronics and anything else stored in a basement, as well as ruining the finished walls and floors. Even worse, water can damage the very foundation of your home.

A damp basement can reduce your property values. Fortunately, the experts at Ontario Wet Basement Solutions have some landscaping tips that may help prevent wet basements. The first thing to do is look at the ground itself. Most waterproofing contractors recommend a grade of at least one inch per foot for a distance of ten feet. This may need to be redone periodically as the ground settles and shifts due to environmental factors.

Many homeowners also choose to use strategic berms and shallow ditches to channel rainwater around the foundation. This is especially important if your home is located in a flood plain, as regular flooding can cause significant damage. If you do live in a flood plain it is a good idea to consult a basement waterproofing contractor to see if your home has already suffered from water damage.

Next, you will want to inspect any external concrete  for cracks or depressions. While this obviously includes any visible basement walls, it also extends to any patios, walkways, or driveways. Cracks in these surfaces can lead to water pooling near the home, which can then seep through weak spots in the walls and cause water damage. Remember, you do not need to have a flooded basement to see this damage happen. Even excessive moisture or small leaks can lead to significant problems if not corrected early.

You will want to ensure that these exterior surfaces are not sloping towards the house. All too often homeowners will carefully grade dirt away from their homes, but fail to notice that their backyard patio is channeling that water right back towards the foundation.

Finally, be aware of what you are planting. While it is common to plant flowers or vegetables against the home, many waterproofing contractors advise against this. The large amount of exposed soil in most flowerbeds encourages water to pool against your home’s walls. The flowerbeds will also trap and retain moisture. That is excellent for flowers, but not so great for your home’s foundation! Instead, consider planting grass against the walls and placing flower beds and vegetable gardens farther away from the home.

While regular inspections from waterproofing contractors are a good idea no matter what, following these landscaping tips may help prevent an emergency call due to a flooded basement.


Real Estate Professionals, Home Inspectors, and Property Managers

March 3rd, 2016

Professionals Choose Ontario Wet Basement Solutions

. Quick Response Times

. Free Estimates for Agents/Homeowners

. Long-Term Warranties

A Trusted Partner for Real Estate Professionals

Real Estate Professionals , Home Inspectors and Property Managers have unique need because of the industry that they work in.

Deadlines are much sensitive and have to be met whether it is because of a closing date or a tenant moving in. No matter what the situation, we strive to provide the best in a timely manner that won’t break the budget or allow your deal to fall through. We do all this while still maintaining the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.

At Ontario Wet Basement Solutions, we are dedicated professionals that work with the real estate community every day. We understand the circumstances and are prepared to help save the sale of a home. Satisfy the unhappy tenant, or work with he property manager that is dealing with a problem.

We have solutions for : 

. Wet basement (Block, Poured, Stone)

. Damp Mouldy Crawl Spaces

. Window well issues

. Crack Repairs

. Sump Pump and backup Systems

In many cases, we can be a very valuable tool for your clientele. Ontario Wet Basement Solutions can be of assistance in buying or selling a home, prepping for tenants moving in  by offering these services to you and your clients. We can properly assess the situation and have  a solution that benefits all involved with a plan of action.

Contact us anytime you have a representative that has a question on a basement, crawl space or crack issue. It is our hope that we can be of service to each other in the future. As one of the experienced waterproofing companies in the area, feel free to contact us anytime.

Thank you for all your future contacts and may we all have a productive year.


Spring thaws

February 17th, 2016

Spring thaws can lead to basement flooding
Melting snow, which is sometime accompanied by rain, can lead to basement flooding. Here are some tips to help:
· Keep melting snow and ice away from your foundation walls.
· Ensure your downspouts are not blocked and are draining properly, away from your foundation walls.
· If it is safe to do so, clear debris from roadside catch basins (the square sewer grates on the road) to help water enter the storm sewer.
· If you are worried about an immediate threat of basement flooding, prepare your basement by moving valuables to shelves or upper floors
Cleaners, paint or chemicals should also be taken off the floor so that they do not further contaminate any floodwater that may get into
your home.
· If your basement has flooded:
o Call your insurance company as soon as possible to report property damage caused by flooding.
o Do not enter a flooded basement as you may be exposed to sewage or come in contact with water and electricity.
o Be mindful of your health and safety when cleaning up a flooded basement – do not stand in flood water, call a professional for assistance.
o Get a proper estimate to repair the issue causing the flooding


New Year’s Resolution.

January 5th, 2016

New Year’s Resolution.
Happy New Year from all of us at Ontario Wet Basement Solutions Inc.! It’s that time of year again: time for a New Year’s Resolution. Make an important promise to yourself that you can keep this year.
Now, we may be a bit biased but we say that this year is the year to really take care of your home. Clean out those gutters, replace those leaky roof tiles, and waterproof your basement.
Over the years of your home’s life water will begin to attempt to enter your home.
Water follows the path of least resistance so I there is a way for water to enter your foundation, it will and there is always a way.
Mould and mildew grow from water. This promotes an unhealthy environment in your basement and eventually in your entire house. That same water can cause damage to your belongings and your home’s foundation. Did you know that a failing foundation can even cause your roof to sag?
Use 2016 wisely. Keep a New Year’s Resolution to take care of your home so that it can properly take care of you.
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